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How to identify the quality of PE pipes on the market?


In the past, most of the water supply and drainage pipes used PVC pipes, mainly because they were cheap and easy to construct. However, it also has great disadvantages, such as easy to burn and poor pressure-bearing capacity.


Installation becomes easier, especially for large diameter pipes. It can weld 6-7 more holes in a day with expensive welding equipment. However, it is tough and can withstand heavy loads and large foundation settlements. Its corrosion resistance results in a long service life. In addition, its elongation at break is more than 500%, which makes it very adaptable to uneven settlement and misalignment of the foundation of the pipeline.

It is relatively safer to use because of its good resistance to vibration. PVC pipe is easy to install and inexpensive, yet cannot withstand heavy pressure, so it is mostly used indoors or on sidewalks where there are no heavy loads. PVC pipe has weak thermal conductivity for short periods of time when heated up the heat from the pipe is easily dissipated. Therefore, this pipe is not suitable for hot water pipes and drinking water supply pipes, but can be used as domestic water supply pipes.

PE pipes have high wear resistance and considerable resistance to external forces. Some manufacturers have tested that the weight of an elephant will not cause the PE pipes to break. PE pipe has good corrosion resistance. PE pipes have had three generations of transformations, PE63/PE80/PE100. The continuous progress and updates of PE pipes are also a highlight of PE pipes.

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