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Fiber Composite PPR Pipe

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Fiber Composite PPR Pipe

Fiber Composite PPR Pipe
Fiber Composite PPR Pipe

Fiber Composite PPR Pipe

As a kind of three-layer composite Pipe, Fiber/ PP composite pipe is a real improver of normal PP-R pipe. The inside and outside layers of the pipe are made of pure polypropylene random copolymer resin, which ensures the pipe is sanitary and healthy when used for water supply. The high-performance fiber/ PP composite material of mid-layer greatly improves the characteristics of such pipes as used in the hot water system. This newly-typed pipe has higher strength, higher tenacity, higher rigidity, and lower linear expansion
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Three high and one low makes the pipeline safer

This means it has higher strength, higher tenacity, higher rigidity, and lower linear expansion coefficient, which really fetches up the limitations of ordinary PP-R pipe specialized in the riser, transparent, and hot water pipe.

Non-deformation pipeline, more attractive appearance

High-performance composite pipes PP-R have a three-layer structure with PP-R material in the inner and outer layers and a reinforced composite material in the middle layer. The effect of the mid-layer was performed in the reinforced pipeline and reduced the effect of the coefficient of linear expansion. The linear expansion coefficient of the high-performance composite pipe only has 1/3 of ordinary PP-R, which is close to the aluminum-plastic composite pipe. There is no noticeable "thermal expansion and contraction" during installation and use, resulting in a flatter and more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Resist high temperature, leak explosion-proof pipe

Given the right conditions, high-performance composite pipes can be used for long periods of time at pressures below 90℃, especially for hot water pipes.

Easy to install and construct

It can be connected with ordinary PP-R heat fusion welder and heat insertion fittings, with complete fittings, convenient and reliable structure.


● Greatly reduced linear expansion coefficient,30% of that of  PPR, which is close to that of the stable composite pipes.

● Higher strength and stability of dimension.

● The pressure resistance is greatly improved, with 25% more pressure load than PPR under the same conditions of use.

● Improved resistance to impulse under low temperatures.

● Excellent resistance to high temperature. It can be used at 90℃ for the long term.

● Socket fusion connection with PP-R fittings, credible and convenient.

● Smooth and sanitary, being a good selection for a drinkable water system.


● Distribution of cool and hot water;

● Duct for drinkable water system;

● Pipes for kinds of high-temperature and low-temperature heating systems;

● Pipes for heating and cooling settings in solar energy systems;

● Connecting pipe for air conditioners;


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    1  Fusion Preparation

    Choose the suitable sockets and install, and prepare the fusion machine, tools, and fusion material

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    2  Cutting the PPR pipe

    Cutting the requested length with the specified PPR pipe cutter

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    3 PPR pipe Cleaning

    Cleaning the PPR pipe welding Surface with alcohol

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    4 Measure Depth

    Marking the suitable depth for specified PPR pipe

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    5 Heating

    Push the PPR pipe and PPR fitting into the welding tool up to the welding depth without turning

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    6 Fusion and Connecting

    Push the heated pipe fitting exactly and suitable adjustments, adjustment should be finished within 5 seconds

The PPR Pipe Fusion Date Sheet

Diameter  (mm)Welding Depth   (mm)Heating Time            (s)Welding Time       (s)Cooling Time             (min)

Remarks :

→ The heating time for the PPR pipe should comply with the requirement of PPR products and be adjusted according to the working temperature.when the working temperature is bellow 5℃,the heating time should be extended by 50%.

→ When the heating was finished, quickly remove the pipe and fitting from the welding tools, join them immediately without turning until the marked welding depth is covered by the bead of PPR from the fittings

→ The joint elements have to be fixed during the specified assembly time, after the cooling period, the fusion joint is ready for use


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